Do you need a website with complex datasheet for your products?

In exPub.Net we have recently added a complex attribute generator for products. Whether you need it for a product database or products in a webshop, this generator will save you a lot of work and display your product attributes in a table both on your website and as a PDF file. All data are stored in databases so it is searchable on your website. We have even created a filtered search so you can search by product description, category or attributes.

To add the attributes, we have created a template generator so you do not have to build the table structure more than one time for the same product type or attribute type group. You can even join several attribute templates into one product sheet for maximum flexibility. You can build almost any combination structured table you will ever need. It also supports images, and a predefined PDF template so all PDF files turn out with the same header and footer, and of course with your logo and profile.



Real-estate website ready-to-go for USD 500

Real-estate websiteHosting-Group has made a collection of ready-to-go real-estate agent websites of high standard for the low price of only USD 500. The websites can be customized to your country at no extra charge. And of course we change the color and logo to match your company profile.

The websites are developed in exPub.Net SaaS based CMS. By using this tool, you also get continuous updates to the system and your site is always using the latest version of the software. You will never need to upgrade your website again as it is always up to date. You will also never need to buy a new website as if you need a “new” website, all we have to do is to change layout and design or maybe add new features, which all can be done without affecting the content.

See more details about this offering by visiting our website here. You can also see a collection of real-estate websites ready-to-go here.

Website for a large real estate project in Norway

It’s been a while since I posted here now, but that does not mean we do not have anything to post. On the contrary, we have been so busy building websites, that I simply did not have time to write about it.

Anyway, one of the sites we have been working on lately is, a large project for apartments, office, shopping and health. The contractor wanted a website that could tell the story about the project in an interactive online presentation. And, it had to match all screen sizes, whether it was on a mobile phone or a large TV at home. This was a challenge with many moving parts and menus at different positions.

Hosting-Group has made many real estate related websites through the years and this is one of the more challenging ones, but I believe we have proven to be able to deliver scalable and responsive websites of the highest standard.

The project manager for this site was our partner Your Communication in Norway. They did a great job in the project planning.

As usual, we used exPub.Net CMS to develop the site and once again proves the capabilities of this content management system.

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Real-estate website at only THB 25,000

Hosting-Group can now offer a full featured real-estate website at only THB 25,000 all-inclusive. With this website you can promote your property listings for sale, for rent or both and group them by category. We are using exPub.Net CMS to manage the website and this gives you lots of options and an easy to use interface.

Some of the benefits of using this system to manage your real-estate listings are:

  • Easy property management including smart image upload and image sorting. A real time-saver.
  • Many templates to chose from
  • The system is always up to date with the latest software
  • Never need a new website again. If you need a new website, all you have to do is change layout and maybe add new features, but all data and images stays unchanged. This will guaranteed save you money in the future.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free support
  • Free training in our office or by email/phone
  • Free hosting
  • Free domain
  • Plus a lot more.

Contact Hosting-Group today on +66 (0)38 724 005 or visit our website on

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Last week we launched a new website for This is a very famous restaurant in Norway’s main street Karl Johan. This bar / restaurant has conference rooms and restaurant sections for rent and we built a complete resource booking system that can be used for this purpose as well as many other. The system is built into www.exPub.Net CMS and allows the customer to see on a calendar which dates each room is available and make a direct booking. The restaurant owners will receive an email notification, but the booking is also stored in the admin area of their website. There they will be able to confirm the booking or move them to another room. The system also supports additional items that can be booked together with the room booking. This can be foot, drinks, a projector, Internet connection or whatever you want to offer.

In addition to the booking system, we have also implemented an event calendar that can be used for any event happening and events are automatically being removed from the website as time expires for the particular event.

The website is also mobile friendly and will look perfect on any mobile device or tablet.

Please contact if you need a great site like this for your company.

New real-estate website

Araya Wittavat Real-estate ( has chosen to use www.exPub.Net as their website management system for their real-estate listings website. They are also using the housing and condo module for listing of property projects. They have several condo projects listed and the project listings are integrated with the property listings.

New website: Times gentleman’s Lounge in Pattaya

We have launched a new website for Times Gentleman’s Lounge in Pattaya and they are of course using exPub.Net. The website is a basic website using articles and gallery module only.

Social sharing of properties

We have now added an option for social sharing of properties in the real-estate listing module in Sharing options we have added so far are:

  • Facebook Like
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus 1
  • StumbleUpon
  • Delicious

You can manage these sharing options in the administration area of exPub.Net.

More options will come soon.

exPub.Net – website administration made easy

exPub.Net, the totally new version of the Hosting-Group Content Management System (CMS). The new version is more user friendly than ever before. One of the most important features is that it is also more SEO friendly.

We have used the latest and best technologies available for the Internet in this tool. Among them are 4.0, MVC 3.0, jQuery and Ajax. These are all technologies that make the website very fast with great user interface.

In this version we have built in a lot of standard modules like:

  • Article editor
  • Image gallery
  • User management

Additional modules currently ready are:

To find out more about the all new exPub.Net, please visit the exPub.Net CMS webpage.

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Mobile friendly websites and mobile apps

Mobile friendly website and mobile apps done with exPub.Net

Mobile friendly website and mobile apps done with exPub.Net

Browsing websites from mobile devices like iPhone, Android phones as well as iPad and other pads is going to be more and more used. Therefore it is also important that your website supports mobile friendly websites. By using as a Content Management System, you will be able to do this from one single administration area. You can even get your website published as an app for AppStore or Google Play for Android.

In many western countries browsing websites from a mobile device has become a daily routine and as much as 20% of all searches on Google are from a mobile device. Google are ranking websites that are mobile friendly higher when searching from a mobile device. In other words, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you are loosing traffic to your site.

It is easy and affordable to change this. Contact Hosting-Group today and we will give you a quote .

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